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Hey Ya'll

Monday was Will's first birthday and I wanted to post a special post for him that day. Unfortunately/Fortunately, I have been too busy playing with him to write the actual post!!  

SO here it is!  The Top Ten best things about WillRad's first year...

10. He never stops moving. 
Some people may see this as a negative, but this boy has been moving since the minute he realized he could in utero.  I love that he is so active and that he explores the world around him

9. His photogenic smile.  
From the moment he was born, that sweet child has been BEAUTIFUL!  As he grew up he would even stop and smile anytime anyone had their phones out.  He is the smiliest baby is the whole wide world.

8. Fat Pads.
Fat Cheeks, Fat Pads on his hands, Fat Pads on his feet, Fat thighs, Fat arms, pinchable bum!!  

7. Jibber Jabber.
Will has been a talker as early as 4 months old.  He used to sit in his highchair with us at dinner and just talk and talk.  Now that he is older, his jibber jabber is way more intense!

6. The Dancing.
He does this like squat whenever he hears music....and sometimes when he doesn't.  It happens every time the Hot Dog Song from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse comes on.

5. When he wave Bye Bye.
He waves at himself when he waves, he hasn't figured out how to turn his hand around quite yet.  He does it when you lay him down for a nap, when you are in the shower and he is stealing your towel, when you find him playing in the garbage, and when you are cleaning up all the DVD's he recently threw on the ground out of the entertainment center.

4. Blowing Kisses or giving kisses
He doesn't know how to make the kissy noise, so he puts his thumb in his mouth.  It's weird, but it's his and I know what he is trying to do.
Also, that child can be covered in food and snot; but if he comes at me with his mouth wide open to give me a big sloppy kiss...I'm taking it.

3. He doesn't know a stranger.
He has never had trouble going to anyone else, being in an unfamiliar place, or joining in the fray when playing with other kids.  He charms teachers and makes friends fast - clearly he has Stipe in him, more than just his giant square head.

That baby was pulled out of me at 6:50pm.  I watched as they carried him over to the scale to weigh him and from as far away as I was, his hair looked like it was dark.  I remember saying to Dave that it looked like he had my hair; but the nurse said, "no way honey, this baby has red hair."  AND HE DID....AND HE DOES!! It's amazing.  I NEVER would have thought that I would have a ginger baby.  

1. Late Night Snuggles.
Will has never been a great sleeper.  I'm not sure what to chalk it up to...it's just him.  It may be that he is so excited about the day to start that he tries to make it start at like 1:30 or 2:00am.  He always has the best snuggles at night though.  He nestles his head in your neck and loops his arm around the other side of your neck.  Once he has gotten comfortable, he hums to himself until he falls asleep.  It is by far the best part of my whole life anymore. 

There it is.  He's beautiful and funny.  He's smart, tough, and adventurous.  He has a vigor and zest for life.  He explores and works hard.  He loves people, he loves music, he loves wheels, cars, balls, cool whip, and cuddling his mama.  It has been an amazing year.  I love that kid hard.

Happy First Birthday to the little boy that made me a Mama. <3

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