Rad Read #2: One Thousand Gifts

Coming at you is a second Rad Read today.  I just finished the book One Thousand Gifts.

I know a lot of people TRULY love this book.  But it wasn't my favorite.

This book is beautifully written.  If it would be a painting it would be gorgeous.   It would be Monet or Van Gogh.  It's stunning.  This woman has a way of writing that wraps me up and carries me away.  But it seemed out of place.  

I did love the message in this book though, about thankfulness and how it erases the negativity in life.  It convicted me and stirred things in me that I cannot explain.  I've started saying things I am thankful for throughout my day out loud at night.  It frees me.  It's freeing.

So while I didn't like the way the message was given in this book, I did quite enjoy it.  I know that seems contradictory.  I love the writing in the book, I love the message in the book, surely I like the book....right?  I just don't like the message and the writing together.  It mixed wrong to me.  

I'd still recommend it though....


Okay so while the book wasn't my favorite, I loved the message.  

In response to the message of this book (remember, I loved the message.).  I would like to embrace the challenge to list one thousand gifts.  I'm going to post each week in May my list of 250 gifts for which I am thankful.  

Due to the freedom that I've felt just by reflecting in the evenings, I'm so excited to see where this journey takes me.  

The moral of the story, just because a book isn't your favorite...doesn't mean it doesn't have a lesson buried in it for you.  Just make sure you give things a chance and listen.

Happy Reading! - Expect my first list of gifts on the 8th!

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