A Summer Radventure: The 500 Parade

Indianapolis is a big city, but there isn't much that's "famous" or noteworthy in Indy.  There is, however, a glorious weekend in May where the world remembers Indianapolis.

That weekend is race weekend.

It's a mess.  The population doubles in Indy, people are EVERYWHERE, and traffic is terrible.  It goes without saying that native Hoosiers....LOVE IT!  Even if you aren't a race fan, if you are a Hoosier, race weekend has an electricity that you cannot deny.

We don't go to the race, or carb day, or qualifying.  We don't go down to the track and party during the week.  We don't even have a race day party....although we really should.

The one thing that I have always remembered doing, was going to the Indy 500 Parade the Saturday before the race.  It really is one of the greatest things about living in Indy.  (But I love parades.)  

My mom, being the beautiful and brilliant creature that she is, suggested that we take Will this year!  I'm so glad that she did because for a boy that loves being outside and any object with wheels, the parade is a dream.  

Saturday morning, we packed up our snacks (snacks are a must at the parade).  Will wasn't sure what was happening, but he was on board with snacks!

He's seriously the coolest.

Once we were downtown, I used the Boba again and strapped Will on my back for the trek to our seats.  I really love that thing.
Sitting and waiting for the parade to start was a little difficult for Will.  But he soon found a friend in out seat mates to our right and charmed them.  At one point he was holding hands with a random lady three chairs down.  We may need to really work on stranger danger....

The best part about waiting is that you can run around in the street (because they have the roads closed) with all the other kids!

Soon, the parade started and we were ENTHRALLED.  The Police Motorcycle drill team always starts the parade.  We bought tickets for seats that were front row and they were worth every penny.  You could have reached out and touched them!

We saw so many cool things, enjoyed marching bands, race cars, waved at the drivers, and snacked!  It was SO hot.  I reapplied sunscreen to Will like three times and we made sure to stay hydrated.  

Will had a great time, Dave had a great time, I knew I was going to have a great time, and it is a great tradition to start with Will and my mom.  I can't wait until next year when he is even a little bit older and can really enjoy it.


Our little Happy Rad! 


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