Oh Say Can You See...

I'm bloggin today about our truly wonderful July 4th weekend!  Last year we had a a pretty low key weekend and put our kiddo to bed early and tried to relax while fireworks popped off around our sleeping angel.
This year, we partied hard.
Our weekend started in Crawfordsville on the farm.  We started with a rousing round of America the beautiful and my great aunt kicked things off with a cartwheel.  She's a grandma of 4, she's the greatest.
We ate AHMAZING food and watched the fireworks up close and personal.
One firework actual got a little too up close and personal! EEP!
Will was not worried about the fireworks in the least bit.  In fact, 2 explosions in and he was sound asleep.
We drove home and got Will ready for bed.  However, he had partied a little too hard and was down for the count.
The next day, the actual 4th, we spent the day swimming and playing with our precious precious Mayos!  Will was nervous about the pool at first but warmed up to it pretty quick.
We ended our evening back at the RadPad with the Brocks, Montours, Whit, and Andy.  We ate and laughed and waited for the sun to go down.  Once the sun was down, the neighborhood erupted in fireworks and explosions.  Our backyard neighbors set off some awesome fireworks and we played with some sparklers!  Well, Lacey played with sparklers...Will watched at a safe distance.
It was a really wonderful weekend that reminded me of the blessings in my life and made me thankful for the freedoms we enjoy each day.
We have some phenomenal people that hold our hearts.  It is obvious when you watch our son interact with these people how important they are to our family.  
You people are the balm that help to heal my mending heart.

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