A Letter to Katie Stipe.

Today, I had the privilege of watching my brother in law rehearse what will be a beautiful wedding ceremony tomorrow. I watched them kiss and cuddle. I watched them nervously stand on stage.

It was adorable. 

I wondered what advice I should give them. What nugget of wisdom could I possibly impart to help them navigate the early days of marriage? 

Then later, I was talking to my soon to be new sister's Mama and mentioned, if only I could've told myself (insert piece of advice) on my wedding day/ early days of marriage/ pre kid/ first time mom self....what would I say?

I know what I'd tell myself the day of my wedding. 

Dear Katie Stipe, 

Enjoy. Life is about to open up before you. The things you thought were important are about to change drastically. With each new adventure in your marriage they will change and change again. 

Treasure David. Praise the Lord for him each day. That fluttery new love feeling will fade away and be replaced with a rich, respect and deep true adoration.  He will capture your heart on hard days when he knows just what to say. He will fill you with love when he mows the lawn or changes the filters in the furnace. Mention those things to him often. 

Say it out loud. Praise him in front of others. Point out his strengths to him, he forgets sometimes and needs you to remind him.

Getting old with him is awesome. Anniversaries in your jammies, date nights cut short because of feverish kids, movies ruined by crying babies; this is the real paradise. You guys are so good at it too, he  will help you laugh through life. Being boring has never been more fun than when you are boring with him.

Own it. You are not going to be what you/the worlds idea is of a wife. You are your own thing, and God knew what he was doing. Dave will tease you, but he is crazy about everything you are. He loves when you come home from Target and you have gotten tokens of love for everyone and forgot the one thing you went to Target for. He loves when you geek out over a wrecked piece of furniture and turn it into something new. He loves when you love people hard, he will call it your superpower.  Stop doubting yourself, he loves you more than you know.

 Snuggle him, it's his love language. 

But last of all, be his solid ground. Make sure he knows that whatever life throws at him; you'll be there to shut the bedroom door, throw his Bible at him, and keep the kids away.

Congrats - this day will be fun, but it is nothing compared to what's coming your way.


The very proud Katie Radcliffe

p.s. Happy Anniversay (in 17 days) to the man my heart loves. 

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