Thursdays. Meltdowns. Hair.

Have you ever had one of those days where your hair accurately reflects how your insides feel?

Yeah, today is that day....

As I type this right now, my son is behind me stomping apple jacks.  Why am I not stopping him you ask?  Because sometimes it is easier to just let it happen and clean it up after than to fight the fight.  That's some mom truth for you today.

My day started when Will kept opening the shower door and tried to hand me the lint roller.  I tried to explain to him that in this instance, the lint roller would not be helpful.  But as you may know, toddlers don't do well with logic.  Meltdown #1.

Then after I got dressed, Will decided he wanted to live in the empty suitcase that is on my bedroom floor.  I thought maybe he just needed help getting out.  That was not the case, I had offended him greatly.  Meltdown #2.

He wanted to watch Mickey so he got the remote for me.  I turned it on and apparently it wasn't what he wanted.  So he turned on a telenovela where someone was cheating on someone in a mall....really just not toddler friendly.  He loved it and thought it was hilarious.  I changed it. Meltdown #3.

I got him some goldfish for a snack and he dumped them all on the floor, and then flipped his chair upside down. Meltdown #4.

He kept bringing me apple jacks.  I gave him some because at this point he had broken my will.  He cuddled up next to me and ate half of them.  Finally, a breath.
Then the next half he dumped on the floor and river danced on top....

Now we are here.

It's 230.  It's naptime.

I put him down mid-blog post.

I'm eating handfuls of Apple Jacks.

This is Thursday with my toddler.

My hair hurts.

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