Unstoppable God

I am genuinely baffled by my life.


By the incredible relationships, the unending joy, and the unbelievable blessing poured out on us each day; even despite the underserving nature of my heart.  Even more so I am baffled that I was chosen for such a life.  

I am broken, battered.  Often I'm too emotional.  I am underwhelming in my current roles.  I am not overly intelligent, nor am I outstandingly talented; yet the life bestowed upon me is an extraordinary one; and that is just how it was supposed to be.  The Lord has grown me exponentially by tossing me into situations where I am under qualified, overwhelmed, and simply not enough.  He has brought glory to Himself in my refinement.  I praise the Lord. 

2014 showed us transition and where to put our trust, 2015 showed us growth and maturing, no matter how painful.  I'm anxious to start in on 2016, which promises to present the work needed to be done that He has been preparing us for.  

I want to be ready for His call in my heart.  I want to work.  I will wait on the Lord, sword drawn, house ready, heart willing, boots on.  I guess you could call this my resolution for 2016, a readiness.  Ready to work.  Ready to serve. Ready for battle. Ready to go. Ready to learn.

I don't want to have every talent needed for every situation, I want to be moldable.  I don't want to know everything, I want to be teachable.  I don't want to have EVERYTHING planned, I want to be flexible. (I mean, I still want some things planned.  Let's not get crazy.)  I want to be open to opportunity and exhausting my resources.  I want to be loud in my outlets and soft in my compassion for others.

Does this excite you, reader?  Because it should; it means great things for this year.  It means more of this.  It means more sharing, more transparency, more Scripture.  It means you and I get more time together, here on this screen.  It means you and I get to try recipes together to bring people to our tables. It means you and I get to curl up together and explore His incredible love letter to us.  It means you and I get to make old things new and find new hope in each other.  It means we get to struggle through the valleys and mountains that is raising humans.  It means we take up arms together against the enemy.

There is so much to tell you and that's what this month here will be.  Telling you.  Telling you about all the awesome things the Lord has blessed me with through RadLife and RadRevivals.  Telling you about all the tools He has brought before me to keep in touch with you and to reach more.  Telling you about all the projects, design ideas, recipes, and beautiful things that I want to share.  I hope you are excited.  I hope you are ready for 2016.

I'm so ready.

Bring it on.


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