The Wall.

A new year is an opportunity to refresh, reflect, plan, and then conquer a whole new set of goals.  That's why at the beginning of each year I take some time to myself and time with RadDad to outline some of the goals we have for the year.  After we've talked about our joint goals, I reflect on my personal goals and refine them.  I want to make sure that they are attainable, that they will benefit my family, that they will push me forward rather than set me back, and then I set them into a very tentative schedule.  

I usually have a large list of smaller projects and ideas and then a small list of large accomplishments that I hope to reach that year.  Then I stand in front of the Wall.  Some of you have seen The Wall at my house.  It is essentially a working chart of everything happening in my brain.  Last year I had too much on the wall and I wasn't able to accomplish what I wanted to.  This year I decided to use the wall on a month to month basis. 

I am the type of person that works better if she is constantly seeing success, so I am hoping that this will keep my motivated to continue working with the excitement and energy that I am feeling right now.  It's easy to start off with all of this all and all of these good intentions; but let's be is hard.

So let me walk you through my wall and then I can help you make your own.

My wall is right next to my computer desk up in my loft.  The good news is that you are going to get a whole blog post on the Loft next week and all the design elements of the room I claimed as mine in our house.

But back to what I was saying.  My wall is right next to my computer desk because that is where I sit to blog, do most of my scheduling and planning, and it's where I keep my post it's.  

My wall has 8 sections:  

1. Crafts/Organizing: This is for ideas that I read about in magazines or on Pinterest that I want to try in my own house.  This is also where I put my yearly organizing things like updating my contacts (every January) or storing this year's Christmas cards (also a January chore).

2. Bucket List: This is my small list of big things. This list will not change each month like every other list.  This part of the chart will only change when I accomplish something from this list.  They are big hefty goals that will bring our family closer to our dreams.

3. #RadLife:  These are the ideas for my blog posts for this month!

4. Sewing:  This is a list of sewing ideas to try!

5. Writings:  This part of the chart is helping me keep on track with any writing that I want to do this month.  This includes the lessons for my women's study "Chat and Chew."

6. #RadFood:  These are special dinners that I plan on making this month or new recipes that I plan on trying out with my little family.

7. Working:  I realized last year that I really need a working section in my chart.  This is a place that i can jot ideas that go along with some of the things I have in process.  I just need a place to put those random thoughts that fly through my head before they fly away.

8. RadRevivals:  Probably the most important part of The Wall is this section where I make goals for RadRevivals or keep track of what orders I'm working through that month.  As you can see, even though I'm not taking orders right now, I'm still working through some housekeeping things and maybe some experiments to try while I have the time!

Underneath my chart is a smaller box called "In Process."  These are the things I'm working through THIS WEEK.  

On the other side of my desk I have a bookshelf and on the side of the bookshelf I have my accomplished board.  This is where I post all the things that I have accomplished so far this month!  This is easily my favorite part of my wall.  Because, as I admitted before, I am the type of person that needs to be able to see all the things I have accomplished in order to stay motivated.

Well, there is it!! There's The Wall.  It's awesome and it makes me better.  Do you wanna try it?  Here is what you need.

1. A blank wall in your house that isn't necessarily in a high traffic area.

2. Decorative Masking Tape.

3. Different color post it's

4. Goals.

Start by deciding how many sections you want and whether you want your wall to be monthly, yearly, quarterly, etc..  What are the things you do each month or what areas in your life do you find yourself making lists about.  Make sure to make yourself a "Yearly Goals" section (my bucket list section), and a working section.  Then go ahead and outline it out on your wall in masking tape.  The greatest part about masking tape is that it's reposition able so don't worry.  

Label each of your sections and create an "In process" section below your chart.  Decide whether you want an "Accomplished" wall or not and create that too.  

Then, start brainstorming and refining your goals.  Once you've properly evaluated your goals, go ahead and put them on your post it's and fill in your chart!  There you are, you have a wall! 

Enjoy your world domination.




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