Entertaining Angels

You can't see it, but it's there. On the arch that leads to my dining room, as soon as you walk in my front door.  It's there, written on the studs of the house.  The very frame on which holds the skin of my life.  I wrote it myself, 3 years ago.


"Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares." - Hebrews 13:2

That has been a verse that Dave and I have built our life together on.  Early on Dave and I talked about what kind of people we wanted to be, what kind of family we will raise, what kind of witness we would give.  We agreed, because our hearts lined up with each other (a gift about our pairing that we have always been grateful for), that our family mission would revolve around of spirit of generosity and hospitality.  

I'm happy to say that we've managed to hold on to at least some scraps of this since we've been married.  Some seasons are easier than others to stay "on mission," but being generous and hospitable can be shown in a lot of different ways.

It's been our joy and our pleasure to host people, to feed them, to help in crisis.  Over the last couple of years I'd forgotten about the verse that holds the walls of our house up.

Until tonight.

Until I walked into my house, after a fun overnight with my hubs, and saw the fingerprints of angels all over.

It started slow, the realization.  The ottoman was moved and the coats were hung up, the roses were in the middle of the island; which looked nicely wiped.  It's when I saw the sponge that things started to click, someone has cleaned my house.
Because that sponge hasn't seen the light of day in months.
Because this house, is gorgeous.
Because I could feel drops of love on every surface.

I'm without words, because the generosity and hospitality that was shown to me tonight was unfathomable.  

I forgot that my people are angels.
I forgot that I serve a gracious, loving father.
I forgot that when friendships are built on that, they are built on rock, their framing is secure.
What was done in secret today, was done out of pure, unblemished, unexpected, unapologetic love.  It was not self seeking, it was not boastful, it was quiet and beautiful.

It was a precious gift.

And as I went upstairs to bed, I glanced at the wall where that verse is written.  And the Lord spoke to my heart.  "Do not forget, that you entertain angels unawares." 

In thin seasons, when we start to roll in on ourselves; God sends angels to bless, to reaffirm, to re-energize, to refresh. 

Thank you tonight, Angels.  You know who you are.  You gave me more than a clean house.  You bless me with a friendship that I'm unworthy of, and you were message bearers for our Lord.

I am full.

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