A New Song

"Sing to Him a new song; play skillfully and shout for joy."
Psalm 33:3

This Psalm is a song of praise to the Lord, and this very early verse tells us what the position of our hearts should be.  
The verse isn't exactly telling us that the actual song must be new, "new song" refers to the nature with which we praise the Lord.  It refers to a freshness and vibrancy that should return to our worship.  Our worship can sometimes become stale and monotonous.  It ends up being just something that we check off on our Sunday morning agenda.  We start service with some songs, then announcements, sermon, communion, two more songs (but maybe only one if the sermon went long), and dismissed.  It isn't fresh, authentic, vibrant, or new.  Every time we approach the throne of God in praise, it should be heart wrenching and meaningful worship. That is what this verse is reminding us.  
Is your worship worthy of the Creator of all the Earth?  Are you planning your week or thinking about the game as you stand there and sing?  Are you thinking about the words that you are singing or just reading them from the screen or hymnal?
Do you need to sing a new song to the Lord?

The second part of this verse commands us to play skillfully and shout joy.
God doesn't want half hearted, sloppy praise.  He wants skillfully played, beautifully performed music.  Don't misunderstand me, God is not rejecting your praise because you are not a good singer.  However, his expectation is that you offer up to him your very best off key singing.  He commands us not to phone it in, but to put forth our very best effort and package His praise as beautifully as we can.
Finally, when He commands us to "shout for joy," He is simply asking that we enjoy our worship.  It doesn't have to be chore, but a chance to unashamedly praise your creator.  Shout.  Don't worry about what everyone else is doing.

Is your worship stale?  Is your worship old and foggy?  
If it is, try singing a new song this week.  Not a "new" song, but a "new song."  One fresh and full of life to your Lord and Savior.

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Love!! This verse was my focus throughout high school. I was so drawn to God by the thought that He cared about the way I worshiped Him, that He wanted JOY for me and wanted it to be so powerful in me that I would sing and shout about it! Definitely fell in love with my crazy awesome God through this. Thank you for posting :)

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