Come and See

"Behold, I am making all things new..." Rev. 21:5

Is there anything more comforting in the whole world than that?  That this old crumbling rock is being made new.  He's making us new bodies.  He's making our spoiled rags white and new?

There isn't much else is all the Bible that established hope for me like this verse does.  
And it's all the way at the end.
Last year in Bible Study Fellowship, we studied Revelation and I discovered this verse.  It rooted in my heart immediately and has been growing and sprouting ever since.

So what's a girl to do with a verse that won't leave her be?  Well, in my experience, when a verse rattles around in your head like a catchy tune it's the Spirit trying to get your attention.  So what did I do?  I looked up every verse in the Bible that talked about God making something or something becoming new.  

This series will be long and spaced out.  It will take time to dissect each of these verses and write about them.  However, each of these verses (posts) will weave together our series entitled, "Come and See."

This is a phrase that has been spoken in my life a lot lately.  He says "behold," "Look," "Listen," "Come."  There is not a better I can think of for a series where we study the act of Him, who restores, making all things new.

I invite you come and see, dig in on your own, speak out on each post, and listen to what the Spirit wants to teach you through these verses.  

Take time to watch Him do a work in you.



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