I See You

Hey Mama,

I see you.

Frustrated with your kids, you counted down the days, minutes, seconds until the first day of school.

I see you.

Ready for that peace and quiet that comes right after the bus pulls away or you get back in the car.

I see you.

Breathe that sigh of relief that catches ever so slightly in your mama chest.

I see you.

Take a beat and remember them small. Remember their little voices trying to make words. Remember their giggles and squeals as they learned new things and only had eyes for you.

I see you.

Saying that prayer that they are brave today, that they make good choices and are kind to their peers. Also that they can open that apple juice you sent for lunch.

I see you.

And the little tear that dances on your lower lid, teasing it’s decent as you try and be strong and not be that mom that loses her cool on the first day of school. Be that mom, let it fall.

I see you.

Watching the clock for 3 pm, excitedly waiting to hear about every moment of their day.

I see you.

Fearful, hopeful, relaxed, stressed, refreshed, relieved, full, saddened, nervous, and excited. All the emotions that are motherhood, all the complexity that comes with loving and raising another human.

I see you, Mama.

Take some time for you today. Sit quietly, sip a coffee, run an errand, tidy the kitchen, whatever fills your cup. Because they’ll be home to you soon. Home with tales of new friends, adventures at recess, fears of homework, and hopefully hungry bellies and tired little hearts. They’ll need you to be their soft place to land on a day when they had to walk around the world without you.

And you had to walk around with your heart outside your chest.

I see you, Mamas. I see all of you.

Happy First Day of School.





Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

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