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With all these awesome changes to the blog, will you turn into a blog I can't stand to read?

Man, I certainly hope not.

If I'm being totally honest, this blog might be one of the most selfish things that I do. My most relaxing moments are my headphones in and my fingers flying across the keys.  I let my mind go, I let my heart sing, it's freeing and it won't stop.

Yes, I will still post pictures of my hair all ascew. askew, assque. How do you spell askue?
I'll still post pictures of my awesome mom hair.  Remember this little treasure?

I just need to point out too that I must have some rock solid self confidence to post a picture like this.
Spoiler alert: It's simply a lack of shame.  Which gets me into trouble a lot.  Especially with my mom and husband; they label me a classic oversharer.
And don't worry, that won't change.  Mostly because I don't know how to be any other way.

So we've established so far that the blog will not change its previously low and downright disappointing standard. ;)

But here are some new things that you can expect from the change.  Throughout the month of October you can expect me to flesh them out more as they each have their own dedicated post this month.  Here is a brief glimpse at each so that you can start getting super pumped about it!

I've gone through the Bible and I pulled every verse that has to do with God making something new.  (See I'm super good at staying on theme)  I'm a little obsessed with this concept and I've been diving into scripture to see what what means.  I'm excited to share what the Spirit has been revealing to me about God restorative character.

A Monthly Newsletter
This will be so so fun!  This won't be something that you will see on the site, it's something that you will have to opt into.  In fact, the next post will be all about this!  You won't want to miss it because there is an EXCLUSIVE perk to being a subscriber.

Photo Year
So while I was a giant pregnant lady, I surfed the web on my phone.  A LOT.  Because it was about 14000 degrees outside and I was the size of a freight train. 
Anyway, I read another blog post or article or something....I can't remember (see: pregnant), about a year in photos.  Basically, I have prompts for a photo to take each week for 52 weeks.  So, I'm going to share that photo and write about it each Monday! I feel like it will be a great way for you to glimpse the RadLife each week.

I will still blog about our shenanigans, our monsters, our good days, and those days where I run on 90% coffee and 10% sleep. For instance, 30 seconds ago RadDad had to shield RubyRad with his body, sacrificing himself, so that WillRad wouldn't harm her in his violent quaking (read: dancing).  And that's just 30 seconds some Monday evening.   I haven't even told you about the other day when I was in Michaels and WillRad was spread eagle on the floor of the main aisle yelling about how his poop was stuck. yeah.  This is my life people, you can't make this junk up.

So this is it my friends, this is what I'm going for.  
When I was in high school, I went to some Youth Group retreat or something.  I can't remember exact was over 10 years ago and I've brought 2 humans into the world since then.  But I do remember sitting with some of my friends in a common area and two other girls got up and did this silly dance to the Lion King theme song and had so much fun.  We all really enjoyed it, it was funny and fun.  That's still not the point of the story though, I'm getting there.  I remember my best friend, Anthony, turning to me with this huge smile on his face and he said to me, "That's so cool.  They just went up there and put themselves out there.  They did something that made them happy and didn't care what other people thought.  That's like the whole point of life."

I've never told him, but that might have been the single most memorable thing he's ever said to me.  It's defined a lot of my life, and it's what I'm doing today.  I'm doing my own interpretive dance to the Lion King theme song.  I'm putting myself out there, because what's the point of life if I don't?


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