Made New Decor and Design

I love old junk.
I love neutral colors.
My favorite spot in my house is my mantle.
I change the decor in my house every 3 months, if not more.
I see beauty in lots of stuff, and it sticks with me.
I like to take old stuff and make it new.  
I like to take new things and make them into new other things.
I love design and decor.
And I REALLY love to talk about it.

So RadRevivals is no more.  We should all observe a moment of silence for what was once an unbelievably fun community.
*observe moment*

Now moving on.

It's really hard to talk about longterm dreams or goals with other people; especially on such a public forum internet blog.  But here it goes....

I'm saving up for a 6 week course on interior design.  I'd like to get licensed and offer design and decor services on a small scale.  I've already done a few jobs for friends and fun, which I'll tell you about here on the blog.  But I'd like to legitimize myself to decorate rooms and living spaces for people.  To plan and design parties.  It's what I want.  

So that's what I'm doing. (Are you starting to see a trend?)  

I'll operate in design and decor as a whole and offer up revived pieces as a part of the whole as they pop up, rather than as a focus.
I'll offer specific and exclusive products monthly.  I will only offer 1-2 products for purchase, as well as a blog on different ways to use the product in your own home decor.
I will offer a sort of online flea market that will sell items from flea markets and estate sales that speak to me.
Each month we will start the month by giving away one of the featured products to our newsletter subscribers.  More information will be coming to you about our newsletter and how to sign up at the end of the week.

I'm excited to stretch myself in this way and explore this part of my personality.  I'm pleased to be able to share my ideas with you and offer some products to spark some fun decor changes in your own homes! 

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