It's 5pm on a Tuesday and I'm supposed to be cooking dinner; but kids are still sleeping and I wanted to type for a few minutes and see what came out.

Life has been so richly difficult lately, I'm sure all of you can relate. As we VERY SLOWLY emerge from Spring and shake off the frost that has accumulated on all our hearts, we are reconnecting and sharing again. The theme I'm experiencing is that this winter was a long and hard one for many. 

Among the myriad of day to day frustrations that plague us all, we are all still lucky enough to be burdened with a little something extra now and then, and it seems like we can't bear anymore weight on our shoulders. Thank goodness that isn't actually the truth.

How lovely Spring is, to melt us enough to start sharing loads with one another again. To lighten the yokes, and throw open the front door, and greet each other in joy. It's hopeful and new and dag on it - healing. 

Thank goodness for the melt, the thaw, the sunshine that cuts through the chill. Thank goodness for the sound of kids playing outside, the sidewalk chalk murals, the abandoned bike on the sidewalk. 
Thank goodness for the tiny green buds that poke up through the grey brown ground. 
And it happens every year, and it will happen again.

We melt.


Photo by Ricky Bailey on Unsplash


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