Photo Year

I'm not a photographer.

I don't know how to catch the right angle and my lighting is almost always just plain bad.  The filters on Instagram are my best friends.

But I'm going to take on a photography challenge.  Starting now and for the whole year I am going to take a picture each week based on a prompt I was given in this challenge.  I'm not even sure where this challenge came from, but I certainly tell you I didn't create it.

After I have the photo I'm going to sit down and set a timer for 10 minutes and I'm going to type about it for that amount of time.  I'm not going to pre-plan, I'm just going to type.  I'm going to see how I really feel about this picture by letting my unfiltered self hover over the keys.  It will be a fun experiment and an interesting, round about way to document the year. 

So here's the list of prompts!  You should do them with me and post them in the comments of each of my posts.  

Photo Year:

Week 1: Self Portrait
Week 2: Reflection
Week 3: Autumn
Week 4: Black and White
Week 5: Sky
Week 6: Looking Down
Week 7: Framed
Week 8: Repetition
Week 9: Warmth
Week 10: Liquid
Week 11: Path
Week 12: Close Up
Week 13: In Motion
Week 14: Falling
Week 15: Country
Week 16: City
Week 17: Loud
Week 18: Calm
Week 19: Edible
Week 20: Colorful
Week 21: Vintage
Week 22: Modern
Week 23: Happiness
Week 24: Typography
Week 25: Architecture
Week 26: Relaxation
Week 27: Nature
Week 28: Ethnic
Week 29: Landscape
Week 30: Celebration
Week 31: Wooden
Week 32: Metal
Week 33: Silhouette
Week 34: Long Exposure
Week 35: Entrance
Week 36: Sun Flare
Week 37: Numbers
Week 38: Transportation
Week 39: From a Distance
Week 40: After Dark
Week 41: Shadow
Week 42: Out of Focus
Week 43: Texture
Week 44: Eyes
Week 45: Emotions
Week 46: Favorite Place
Week 47: People
Week 48: Morning
Week 49: Time
Week 50: Sign
Week 51: Simplicity
Week 52: Pure White

So there you go!  You should do it with me!  Challenge yourself and stretch yourself.  You'll feel better!  Your heart and soul need exercise too!


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