This kid.

We went to the zoo with some friends last week, and he had an awesome time.  This picture is of him watching the penguins, but he could also see his own reflection in the glass.  He thought it was hilarious. 

I've been so amazed by this kiddo lately.  I feel like he has grown up overnight.  Hanging out with him can be so so fun; and equally terror filled at times.  Because, you know, he's an almost 3 year old and if they aren't having the time of their lives, then they want to watch the world burn.

I love to hear him laugh.  I wonder sometimes if his laugh will change or stay the same as he grows up.  I wonder if he'll still laugh at the same things, like the same animals.  I wonder what will stick in this growing up season and what will wash away with the insignificant memories.  I hope he doesn't remember when I get frustrated with him, or when I'm too tired to play.  I hope he doesn't remember that time that I spanked him too hard in Target, or the time I made the wrong decision about whether to go to one more store when I knew full well it was nap time.  I hope he only remembers the times I ran with him in Lowes chasing him, or the time I stopped and bought him a humongous kickball at Target.  I hope he remembers the HOURS of time we've spent reading the SAME BOOK over and over again, or building towers with legos and then taking them apart....and then building them again.  I hope he remembers the time his dad has spent building forts and playing ball, not sitting in time out with him while we trained him to stay in his timeout spot.  I hope all this, knowing that I have no control.

I'll just keep on laughing with him when I can and breathing in his giggles.  
And hoping I'm doing an ok job.

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