Ruby's Birth

It's been 2 months since my gorgeous girl came into the world; and it's about time I tell you her story.  Her beautiful, terrifying, God glorifying story.

Ruby, like Will, was ACTIVE in utero.  I'm talking non stop flipping and flopping.  So when at 36 weeks when Ruby stopped moving, I knew there was a problem.  I could get her to move with some pretty hard jabbing and spent the next week and a half in and out of the hospital.  She would barely pass the non stress tests, but she would still pass them.  My heart was never given peace about it.

Thankfully I have a doctor that knows me and listens to me.  I talked to her at my final appointment before my scheduled c section and she gave me an in office non stress test.  That was the worst one yet, barely any movement.  I had nurses coming in and out of the room, checking my levels, bringing me juice, asking what I had eaten in the last 24 hours.  It was nutso.  I knew things were going poorly, but I could hear her steady little heartbeat on the monitor so I tried not to fret.

Finally the decision was made and I was having a baby in a couple of hours.  I called my mom, who cleared her afternoon so she could come to the hospital.  My dad was in Bloomington for the day and thankfully was on his way home and Dave's parents jumped in the car and started their 3 hour drive over to us!  We went home, packed everyone up and made our way to the hospital as a family of three for the last time!

When we arrived, we got to hang out for a couple of hours while Dr. Huffman finished her office hours.  Around 4:30-5:00pm she showed up and we got this show on the road.  Ruby was breach and already a planned c section.  I kissed Will goodbye and walked my giant pregnant behind to the OR. 

Dave donned the infamous stay puffed marshmallow man suit, and I got the mother of all spinal taps (seriously, amazing).  We were sitting pretty when the doctor started slicing away!

Within minutes I felt pressure and I heard my doctor say "I will never doubt myself again."  My heart stopped for a split second while I waited to hear her cry and felt the fevered movement of the doctors behind the curtain.  All at once, Ruby Radcliffe made her first sound and there was a collective sigh of relief in the room.  Dr. Huffman peeked over the curtain and informed me that Ruby was perfectly fine, but that her cord had been wrapped around her neck three times.  She was in real danger and waiting any longer could have be fatal.

I am thankful every day, every time I hold her and smell her, every time I feed her and kiss her that the Lord put it on my heart that there was something wrong.  I am so thankful that I have a doctor that didn't just write me off as a worrisome mommy, and stayed late on her Friday to deliver my sweet girl.

After some time together, we introduced Will to his new sister.  He looked at her knowingly and said, "that's a baby."   He was precious and while he was hesitant at first, he warmed up and finally touched her head a couple of times.  He was NEVER hesitant to give her lots and lots of kisses.

After wee Will was done with her, she met some VERY important people in her life.  Mimi and Pops were there, along with Aunt Sara.  Gramma and Papaw Radcliffe arrived just in time!  Grammy and Big Papaw Stipe were there ready to meet the new kid on the block.  And our sweet friends the Mayos eagerly awaited her arrival.  Just a couple hours old and she already had an army of people ready to storm in and love on her.  What a LUCKY kid.

We spent the next two days, and the past 2 months, enjoying visits from some of our awesomest friends!  We love you all.

I'm ever thankful for my feisty little warrior girl and her strength. I'm unendingly thankful to the Lord for his unfailing grace.

Welcome to the world Ruby Rad.  You're gonna like it here.






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