Ruby's Nest

We have a girl!!

It is so so exciting for us!! Dave always wanted both and after having his boy he was so excited to have a girl!
I, on the other hand, have been a teenage girl. So I was terrified.  UNTIL I realized that I get to DECORATE A GIRL'S NURSERY!!

*enter screeching in excitement and happiness!!*

After I quit working, I kept quite a bit (read:all) of my teaching stuff. It took up the entire spare room of our house.  The room that Miss Ruby Mae was meant to occupy.  So, we had a giant garage sale.  It was obvious that I wasn't going to back to teaching anytime soon.  So I did the difficult thing of sorting through the pile.  I kept a few (read: many) things that I thought I would use with Will, that I spent good money on, or that were given to me.  The rest was sold piece by piece to garage salers on a sunny (then monsoon rainy) day in May.  I was hard to watch, but I did it for the sanity of my household, so my children didn't have to share rooms with boxes labeled "STYROFOAM BALLS FOR CRAFTS."

After we had cleaned the room out, it needed to be painted.  In stepped the awesomest of friends to help and that got done pretty quickly.  Poor Ruby, I was told I was not allowed to anything elaborate in paint like the stripes Will got in his nursery.  Apparently RadDad was NOT looking forward to another project of that magnitude!

I chose a grey that has lavender undertones and a mint green for the crib wall.  No, I didn't paint the room pink.  I get that lots of people do that.  I am not those people.  I respect their life choices, but I'm not going to make the same ones.  I wanted the mint and grey to be my color scheme with coral accents.  It was letting there be pink without there actually being pink.

It took some time, but we finally got everything together.  Are you ready to take a walk through Ruby's Nest?

So when you walk in..

There is a hat/bow/sweatshirt/bag hook on her little half wall.  It has been really handy so far.  We had a light theme of woodland creatures, so arrow and baby animals play a big part in the decor!
On the crib wall I wanted to do something fun with her name.  I looked EVERYWHERE for lowercase wooden letters.  It turns out they are the golden chalice of wooden letters.  I eventually, after week of diligent searching, bit the bullet and bought them from Pottery Barn Kids (who still had to special order them, I might add).  So I paid too much for them, but man they are pretty!  Then, around her name, I gathered some different size wooden embroidery hoops.  I think the most I paid for one of these was $6.00.  I went to JoAnn Fabrics and bought some of their fat quarters, some of their scrap pieces, and a package of their themed fat quarters.  Then, all I did was secure the fabric in the embroidery hoop and trim the excess.  It made for colorful, soft, and affordable wall art.  I think it might currently be my favorite wall in the house.

If you continue around then you come to her closet.  Ruby doesn't have a walk in like Will does, so I got to do something a little different.  I took a couple of cube shelves I had lying around and put them in the closet to make it look like it had built ins.  I bought some storage cubes at Target and a couple of storage boxes for the top shelf. Baby clothes are awful short, so this only helped with storage.  Also note - there isn't much in here.  We don't hang a lot of stuff up....and I hadn't done laundry in a while when I took this picture.  I'll let you decided which of those two excuses are more likely!

I already told you about the wall, but there is more here!  This is the same crib that Will used.  Cindy Pelley, in all her radiant beauty and generous spirit, gave us this crib that we have happily used with both of our kiddos and will continue to use...if the Lord sees fit to bless us with any more kiddos.  The fitted sheet is Pottery Barn Kids Chamois, and I give it the highest of recommendations.  It was the ONLY way we got Will to sleep in his bed from the Rock N Play.  It was a mommy recommendation from another mommy and IT WAS THE BEST RECOMMENDATION I HAVE EVER RECEIVED!!  I threw in a coral pillow from Target and the bear that Will made for Rubes at Build a Bear.  The quilt was Dave's when he was a baby and I think that it goes really well with the room.  (REMEMBER: Babies shouldn't actually sleep with any of that stuff.  It should be said that Ruby doesn't sleep in here yet.)  

Next to the crib sits our trusty glider that is covered in baby vomit (since Will was a puke monster).  So to hide the baby vomit, and make those evening rocking parties cozier, I through this UBER SOFT blanket over the glider.  

The window wall proved to be a bit tricky because it would be too blank for me to just put a piece of art.  So I settled on some striped curtains from Target (yes they are blackout, Pillowfort) and three white shelves.  It was RadDad's idea to make the top one shorter so that I could put something tall on the second one.  He's so smart sometimes!

I chose a sign about adventures, some porcelain houses that my mom tried to sell in our garage sale, and a bushel of dried lavender.  When I first put the lavender on the shelf, it smelled fantastic.  Now everything smells like someone tooted in a sauna....but that's kids I guess.  RadDad chose the "Live Brave" sign.  Because he's so cute and our girl is so lucky to have her as a daddy!

The bottom shelf holds a storage caddy for spit rags and a glass container that is usually full of pacifiers.  BUT....pacifiers like to run away from us apparently. Then I peppered her shelves with the woodland creatures we've been buying for her.

The last wall is the wall with her dresser/changing table.  She has more arrows and more hanging storage.  Mostly for the obscene amount of bows that she has.

 Well there you have it folks, a little nest for our Ruby girl!  We are so pleased that she is here and we are overjoyed by her sweetness!

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um, yeah. you can be my interior designer anytime. love!

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