I am under it. 

I've been under it for about 2-3 weeks.  It's not bad, it's just a busy season.  I can often be found in the loft of our house sitting at my desk trying to work with a fussy baby bouncing on my knee and an energetic toddler running back and forth between me and the puzzle he is doing, asking what the picture on the piece is.  He doesn't quite understand that a puzzle piece is a part of a larger picture. Puzzles are hard.

But none of this is a bad thing, it's simply life.  I have people commenting all the time right now that I "deserve a nap," or "I'm not sure how you do it!" But the truth is, you do it, have done it, or will do it.  Life is life.  Life is hard. Life is good.

So you haven't heard from me on here as much as you have been, I started a new job.  I'm a Pampered Chef consultant, and I want to do well at it.  That means that when there are those precious moments where everyone is content; instead of blogging, I've been working.  Sorry, but the job with the income comes first.
That doesn't mean I'm done blogging, NONONO! I still have awesome blogs coming up about Thanksgiving, recipes, and Fall Decor!  I have TONS of Christmas stuff, I mean it is bonkers.  But it just means I'm not keeping the same pace.
Because my priorities are my kiddies, Bible Study Fellowship Leadership, Pampered Chef, and Made New.  In that order.  And for that, I'm not even a little sorry.

Because I never have to be sorry for being in control of my time; and neither do you.  The yes and no in your life are your most powerful tools for success.

I love my busy seasons, I really do.  I might be 95% espresso and diet coke; but I love it.  I love my kids and the work that goes into them. I love rebuilding lego towers for the 50th time after WillRad has knocked them down and I love diaper changes with giggles and coos.  I love laughing with RadDad when Will says something hilarious that he doesn't understand, and I love how we have to tag team discipline because Will's arguments are so dang funny we can't stop smiling.  I love how our nights roll away from us while we stare at Ruby for hours before bedtime.  I love Target trips on Wednesdays, zoo trips with friends, quick texts from my tribe that connect us in our busyness and small moments with my man.  I love my chaos and my crazy.

Because one day, it'll be calm.  I'll get enough sleep, I'll have time to myself.  I'll read the stack of books growing on my shelf, and DIY something on a quiet afternoon.  The laundry will get done in one or two loads, the dishes will be all goes away.

So today. I'm going to TRY and clean my desk and set my expectations at a reasonable level.  I'll sip this triple shot from my Christmas cup, slip on my running shoes, and go full gear at my day.  Because it's a precious, glorious gift of chaos and crazy; and I'm all in.


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