The Announcement!


It's finally here, the announcement that I keep talking about!  You know, the one you've all been waiting for!!

I've worked so super hard this month to be able to bring you an ENTIRE new blog.  It's a top down revamp from the look of the site down to the name! Over the next couple of days we will be announcing the new name, the new domain, and on October 1st the new blog will go LIVE!!

So what's so new about this blog?  Well, let me just tell you!

We will have recipes.
We will have devotions.
We will have cathartic posts about parenting and trying to be a good wife.
We will have decor and design posts.
We will have new products such as decor items, chalkboards, and design services!
We will have a newsletter released each month to subscribers with exclusive content, deals, and a recap of what is coming this month.
And finally, as always, adorable pictures and stories of the infamous RadKids and their harrowing adventures.  

What more could you want!?
No, seriously, what more do you want?  This is for you, Reader.  Comment below on anything that you would like to see or see more of on the blog!

Until October 1st, I will start building my social media presence!


Instagram: or



I am so so excited to share all of this with you! Follow along on social media for the rest of the month while we roll out this fun new site!  I cannot wait for October 1st and some of the awesome awesome awesome things happening on the blog!

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Ahhhh so excited!! Can’t wait for ALL of it!!!!

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