Two Kids Deep

I have grown two human beings inside my body.  
I am responsible two people. 
I am responsible for their education.
I am responsible for their health.
I am responsible for making sure they don't grow up to be horrible jerks.
I have made two people.
I am two kids deep.

I have felt two children grow.
I have felt their hands and feet against the inside of my body.
I have felt their hiccups and giggles.
I have felt their stretches and turns.
I have felt them turn into people.
I have felt them released into the world.
I heard their first cry.
I watched their first breath.
I am two kids deep.

I have cried two sets of tears.
I have cradled two cheesy heads.
I have breathed in two fresh humans.
I have felt two sets of fresh skin.
I have felt my heart leave my body, two times.
I am two kids deep.

I have fed two babies.
I have comforted two kids.
I have not eaten a hot meal in 8 weeks.
I have moved more, felt more, cared more, and lived more in 2 months than in the entirety of my 28 years.
I have felt the pressure, the pain, and the frustration of being torn between two.
I am two kids deep.

I am happy.
I am whole.
I am complete.
I am tired.
I am crazy.
I am overwhelmed.
I am sorry I haven't called you back.
I am full.
I am busy.
I am hoarse from singing lullabies.

I am undone and put back together again.

I am two amazing kids deep. 

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